A weed is just a flower growing in the wrong place.

I love flowers.  They are one of my favorite things about summer even if planting and keeping up a garden is a lot of work (and I will admit to being behind on my weeding).  But I also must admit that I like weeds a lot, too.  Maybe not all weeds, and I certainly don’t want them in my garden but I love walking out in the country and admiring the garden that nature has planted all by herself.

After finishing up my humorous thistle piece, “I Dunno They Weren’t Here Yesterday” I realized I wasn’t done with weeds yet.  I made another, smaller thistle study, “Goldfinch Buffet” for the SAQA Benefit auction.  Still not done, I made yet another thistle study.  This one still needs a name.  Any ideas?

16" x 24"

Then onto “Just Dandy”.

"Just Dandy" 20" x 16"

And “Bumble Bee Buffet”:  Clover and Indian Paintbrush

"Bumble Bee Buffet" 18" x 24"

And there are still plenty of good looking weeds to explore, like milkweed pods, cat tails, chicory….

BTW, I’ve wrapped these pieces around stretcher bars and I really like the way they finished up.



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2 responses to “A weed is just a flower growing in the wrong place.

  1. deb

    They look like a planted row of thistle’s, so I suggest simply, Thistle Garden. They are all
    so lovely, and we can’t even get a feeling for the textures from photos.

  2. Ever since Botany 101, I have considered “weeds” simply as misplaced plants, and have tried to tell others about that. Really–a rose in a wheatfield is a weed!
    Nice to see that others look at weeds the same way! Great quilt!

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