My Michigan Studio

In 1986 we built a garage on our “up north” property.  The second floor became our “garret” apartment that we used as our weekend and vacation getaway.

winter view of garage/studio

When we built our retirement house next to the garage the space above became my studio.   It was great to have so much space after working in a corner of a spare bedroom.  I learned how to spread out quickly but the 650 foot space wasn’t working as well as it should so in 2006 I took “Studio Makeover” with Myrna Giesbrecht on Quilt University.   Here’s the results that are still working for me.

The sewing table is a corner desk from an office supply store.   My machine sits on what was designed for a keyboard (reinforced) and my extension table fills the space so I have a large flat surface.  While I sew I face a window that looks out over the lake.  I now have a laptop on the desk and as I type this a pileated woodpecker has landed in the tree outside my window.   The bathroom is through the louvered door.

My cutting table is opposite the sewing machine.  There’s a handy holder for my rulers.

And the pressing table made from a door is also on that wall.  The small rolling cabinet hold scissors, rotary cutters, buttons and so forth.  The shelves the support the table hold bolts of fabric, batting. etc.

I also have a roll out  hamper that holds batting.

The north facing wall is mostly windows and my wood stove.  On the right is a large table for drawing, writing, etc.  Between the wood stove and table I have a shelf with a TV, DVR player, boom-box and my music and videos.  In the foreground is a large worktable that I used for dyeing, painting, printmaking, mounting quilts, etc.  There’s also a small table where I can set up my serger or embellisher or even another sewing machine if a friend is visiting.   My design wall is made from three big pieces of insulation board, felt and duct tape.

My fabric storage is a set of IKEA bookcases.  I love this set up.  I’ve left a few sections open for lighting and books.

A bookcase over the window for more books.  Can you tell I like books?

On the other side of the window is a handy dry sink.  My dyes and dye equipment are stored in it.   Another bookcase and then an old pie safe that is my quilt storage cabinet.  I love this purple wall.

I have an old entertainment cabinet for more storage.  I keep paints and supplies for batik in it as well as more books.

We put in some upper cabinets that help with clutter.  Not in this photo is my new black deep sink which I LOVE.

My favorite place to read.

The view (zoomed).

Is it always this neat?   No, but I do clean up after each project and it only takes a while to put everything away because there is a space for everything.

Thanks for visiting.

9 responses to “My Michigan Studio

  1. What a great studio! The setting is as gorgeous as the space. Congratulations.

  2. I love what you have done with your studio. Especially the table with the dropdown for your machine. I just wouldn’t have thought about that. I’m going to look at the desks next time I’m in Office Depot.

    On my blog you will see where I got an idea off of Yu Tube taking styrofoam sheets and making then the exact height as my sewing machine. You’ll have to look back awhile to find it. Anyway, it really works and I covered it with heave plastic so quilts slip on it pretty well.

    Thanks for sharing

  3. OMG! I love your studio! Especially the desk/sewing table. Your view is to die for too. How often do you get to play there?

  4. Kathie, Your studio is awesome! I am inspired. I am going to snatch a few of your ideas.
    I have enjoyed reading your blog! Getting on line and surfing blogs we are following leads us down some new paths! Happy paths

  5. rachel chamberlain

    Kathie, I am very interested in your work. My mother is building her new home on a street called Luna Drive. We have been thinking of getting something for her home that incorporates the name and we were thinking of a Luna Moth…We stumbled across your amazing quilt. I was curious if you could reproduce something like that…Thanks – your work is amazing!!!

  6. I’ve discovered your web site by chance and I immediately feel in love for your studio ! this reppresent my idea of creative studio, with those windows, that view !!!! And I bet it is a great help for your creative mind !!! I love your creations and, If you do not mind, I would like ” pin ” them in my board on Pinterest. If you like you can check them. Your masterpieces will be in my board named ” quiltin’ snug room “.
    I hope you will be agree, but if you wont, i will immediately remove them.
    Take care !
    Claudia from Italy

  7. Hey Kathie! This studio is truly inspiring… I too have a studio, but it is in bad need of “straightening” and a facelift. You have given me the “carrot on the stick” to get my butt into gear and get mine back in order and switched over from a graphics business office to a painting studio!!!! – Linda (aka – Lola’s BFF)

  8. What a lovely space for creating! For your machine, what are you using for the “extension” for the sewing machine? Thanks. Sally

    • Sally, that extension was one that was available at the Viking dealer for my Quilt Designer II. Lucky for me it just happened to fit perfectly into the slot. I have since upgraded to a new machine and there was nothing available so my husband made me one from a 3/8″ thick sheet of plexiglass.

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