Three steps forward and two steps back

The International Crane Foundation has been presenting Zoom sessions on cranes for the past few months. The sessions on Sandhill Cranes prompted me to make yet another crane inspired piece.

The background fabrics are my own hand-dyes. I’m slowly working with the composition.

I build each crane on a piece of parchment so I can move them around. I’ve re-done a couple of them more than once. I’m still not set on the number and size of each, so the background is pinned and not yet quilted. I may decide to change the size/shape.

Yes, the legs are missing. They are thin and fragile. I plan to make them from a non-woven interfacing that I will paint black. Betty Busby does this and I hope it will work for me.

I’ll keep plugging away until I have a composition I like. Any suggestions?


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3 responses to “Three steps forward and two steps back

  1. clairan

    Always good to see you DO keep plugging away.


  2. I admit, Kathie, I have never seen a sandhill crane…nor do I have any idea about how they gather and move. I expect Betty’s technique for the legs will work as she always seems to have great ideas. But the birds brought to mind the first time I’d heard of these birds, in this poem from Billy Collins. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂 Read by the poet…–4

    • kathiebriggs

      Thanks you Margaret. I enjoyed his poem. It is quite clever.The gathering of Sandhills at the Platte River is a spectacular event. I’ve not had the opportunity to experience it. I have several books about cranes and one has wonderful photos of the gathering.

      When I lived in Michigan the cranes flew over the house regularly. In late August through September they would stage for migration in neighboring cornfields. I’d see hundreds of them. My most poignant memory though is at Seney Wildlife Preserve in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We were driving through right before sunset and came upon a group of cranes dancing in the road. We stopped and watched until they finished their dance and moved on.

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