Months in the Making

I don’t remember it ever taking me this long to finish a quilt. I began Moon Dance in August. The theme is similar to one I made in 2009 called Ghost Birds.

I vaguely remember looking at the shibori fabric and deciding to make another Sandhill Crane piece. I had to two pieces of hand-dyed fabric pinned to the design wall while I worked out the composition. This photo is dated August 14th!

October and much of November I work on a commission. Once I returned to Moon Dance it seemed I had a new challenge with each step. The finished piece is 35″ x 35″. I used both my new Brother Sashiko machine and my Viking to quilt it. The last element to go in was the fused silk organza marsh plants.

And now onto something new… I hope.


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4 responses to “Months in the Making

  1. clairan

    Love what you’ve accomplished.


  2. deb

    It’s stunning, Kathie!

  3. Donna Becker

    I’m curious about what brand(s) of thread you use most often for the piecing, quilting and embellishment. The cranes are wonderful!

    • I use Aurifil most often for piecing. I use Superior most often for quilting. King Tut when I want a matte look and one of the Tri Lobal Polys when I want some sheen like Rayon would give. I used to use Sulky Rayon which is lovely but it shreds too much for me. Sorry to such a lag in responding. The notification got buried in my inbox.

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