October Already

Despite all the limitation we face right now the days are flying by!

wip — Commission 36″ x 36″

The Backyard Escape piece resulted in a commission from a hospital in Virginia. They selected 12 quilts from the Backyard Escape portfolio to be interpreted as square in a larger size. I love a square format and so far the design is working to my satisfaction. Luckily I had additional ice-dyed fabric that I was able to piece for a similar background. I need to add leaves to the Veronica. Then cut and applique the Butterfly weed. The first quilt had 2 butterflies. This may want more. It will tell me how many.

Last weekend I participated in a small outdoor art show in a private community. It was a perfect October day. So enjoyable to be out with people even wearing masks and “social distancing”.

Now its back to the commission. I want to work on the crane piece but that needs to wait its turn.

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  1. clairan

    Good on you!


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