Gypsy Wife Assembled

I meant to post this on Monday but had a little runaway kitty incident. I found him up a tree in the woods behind the house, after hopping the fence, tripping over vines and cutting myself up rather badly. When he saw me he came down on his own and is safe at home.

The Gypsy Wife quilt is pieced. The last section gave me fits. Isn’t that always the case. I am not sure yet if it will square up and lie flat. For now it is “resting” on the design wall. The long-arm quilter thinks she can take it in July or August. Glad I am not attempting to quilt this myself.

In the meantime I finished the binding and sleeve for a small abstract for a group challenge. The group was intrigued with the catalogue from the Studio Art Quilt Associates “Sightlines” exhibit (2010-2013).

They decided take a slightly different route. Essentially the pieces were to “connect” via a black line that was 3/4″ when it entered and exited the piece. The line could change size and move wherever it pleased within the composition. Unfortunately for me I was not at the meeting where this was decided and had no say in these rules. You can probably tell from my tone that I did not like the rules but apparently everyone else was fine with them so I had no choice but to go along.

The first piece which may be called “A Brighter Day” resisted the line. I still need to put a binding on this one.

27″ x 46″

The second piece is totally abstract and worked better with the black line. I enjoyed working on it and may play around with this concept in some different colors and without having to extend a line.

23.5″ x 25.5″

Here’s a picture of my little runaway, Magnum PI. He’s a good studio cat. Doesn’t get into my fabric or even my yarn.


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2 responses to “Gypsy Wife Assembled

  1. clairan

    Always good to see your work. Glad kitty is safe.


  2. deb

    Your quilt turned out beautiful, love the contrast of brighter colors with the whites. Sweet tuxedo kitty was investigating, his namesake would approve.

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