About Kathie

AugustQAself I’m a mixed media/textile artist living in my dream in northern Michigan.   I create wall art as well as some 3 dimension sculpture using fabrics and fibers as my “paint”.   Most of my work is nature themed but I am also intrigued by the human form.   My textile background includes clothing construction and home decoration.  In the mid 1990s I started making original art dolls which first connected me to other textile artists.  Over the past 5 or 6 years I’ve migrated into the “art quilt” world.  I dye and screen print my own fabric and combine them  with commercial fabrics of all kinds to create  visual texture.  I also like to include fibers, beads, buttons, stones and other objects when they are integral to the story.

I am a  member of the Fiber Artist Coalition,  an exhibition group of professional SAQA members, and the Northern Michigan Textile Artists.  I am also a member of the Crooked Tree Art Council, the Charlevoix Circle of Arts, and the Jordan River Arts Council.

5 responses to “About Kathie

  1. Gray.com

    Your quilts are beautiful! I’m MaryW on the Trike/Crane cams, live in NM, and do a lot of hand quilting (mostly baby quilts now, since it takes so darn long.)

  2. Maureen

    Your work is beautiful, Kathie. I especially love the whimsical quality and the colors–both suble and bright ones.

    Although we grew up together, I had no idea you were intersted–and talented–in fabric art. I’m delighted to get to know this part of you.
    (your cousin)

  3. Donna Cay Tharpe

    Kathie–Your art is stunning! Where is the link to buying a quilt/wall hanging? Thanks

  4. Tara

    Hi Kathie, I have a piece of art made by Kathie Love in 1978. Its a black ink picture of a boy with frogs in his bucket. I’m hoping you are the artist, I am interested in purchasing a similar one. Not sure if this was you but I thought I would try.

  5. Your work has raised an awful lot of feelings in me. Thank you for the good time I have just had enjoying your wonderful work. I am a follower now.

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