November is Nearly Over

This post is way overdue. I wish I could say it is because I’ve been so productive but that’s not the case. I’ve been stalled. Lacking ideas and any creative energy. I finished my piece for the Fair Oaks Cancer Center last month and mailed it off. Its being framed prior to installation. I like the larger 36″ x 36″ format better than the original 18″ x 24″.

If You Plant it They Will Come

Moon Dance is slowly, slowly taking shape. The crane bodies are assembled and fused to parchment until the background is quilted.

And that’s the hang up right now. I have a plan for the quilting but I need to practice more. I recently purchased the Babylock Sashiko machine. Its a one-trick pony but what it does is beautiful. I love the look of hand quilting, particularly big stitch but my hands cannot do it This machine will. I’ve been practicing on muslin sandwiches:

Playing with various stitch lengths, etc. The longest learning curve involved threading and inserting the bobbin correctly. The machine only uses a bobbin thread and has a barbed needle and the arm that picks up the thread. Pretty amazing to watch. The manual recommended 30 wt. thread so I ordered a bunch. Luckily I only opened one spool because this machine does NOT like it. Spoke to Superior Threads and they verified it so I am using 40 wt. Now that that’s clear up I am ready so quilt with it. I’m going to start on this small collaborative piece that’s been waiting for lightning to strike for over a year.

I want to just have fun with it. Then I plan to stitch the marsh background on Moon Dance.

Several members of the local SAQA group, Mountain Art Quilters are joining in a Visioning Project for 2021. My vision is to master the Sashiko machine in order to incorporate the stitch into my art. I’m sketching out preliminary plans to achieve that.

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