Looking back about 10 years I am amazed at the amount of work I was producing. Lately each piece has taken months to complete. Life is more complicated right now. Maybe my creative energy is waning.

The triptych is for an online exhibit by the Mountain Art Quilters. I’ve been playing around with names. Even though its a triptych I wanted each piece to be able to stand alone, The center panel is 20″ x 20″. Each side panel is 12″ x 20″.


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2 responses to “Triptych

  1. clairan

    Slow and steady winning the race!


  2. I love you, my friend. Life is like this; it evolves and changes. We’ve not connected voice-to-voice for some time, but you remain in my heart and I will carry you and whatever you need (God knows) in my prayers. If I were to suggest a title for your pieces, I would keep it simple: “Triptych I: Trees”. That way, if you ever do another, you could do “Triptych II: [insert name here]”. Hugs from Canada…

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