Friday Night, Where’s the Fish?

For many years we lived in the metro Detroit area and drove up to Charlevoix nearly every Friday to spend the weekend at our cottage.  There’s a pond we’d pass about a mile before we turned off to our road.  In the middle of the pond there’s an old stump and from time to time we’d see a kingfisher perched on the stump.  So we developed a habit of looking at the pond every time we passed.  And so did our dog Pansy, and later our dog Cookie and our cat, Ceecee.  Everyone in the car would turn to the pond to see if we could spot the kingfisher.

We live up here now and pass the pond a lot.  We don’t see the kingfisher often but we never stop looking.

This piece sold at the opening of my show so I won’t be putting it on my website.  It was the second last piece I finished for the show but it was one I’ve been wanting to make for years to commemorate that kingfisher and the pond that meant “we are almost there”.



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4 responses to “Friday Night, Where’s the Fish?

  1. Love it, Kathie! I’m not surprised it sold! I grew up in SW Quebec, influenced by the Roman and Anglo-Catholic traditions of fish on Fridays. If I were a kingfisher, I’d be lookin’ for the fish, too! What a beautiful memory you’ve given me; thank you.


  2. Congratulations! Your work is beautiful.

  3. Kathie, the kingfisher piece is gorgeous!! Great use of that fabric for the water. We had kingfishers at our last house on a shallow creek. He’d sit on the bridge and fish. Love them!

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