Pollinators – Magnolia

Stage 2.  The image was stitched and then floated (blind stitched) onto a quilted base.  Then the whole thing was stretched over a 12″ x 16″ artist canvas.  I’m planning on inserting it into a floating frame which is on order.  I hope it adds a bit more weight to the piece.

Pollinatores Magnolia for web

The bees were created entirely by thread painting onto a water soluble stabilizer.  The wings were added after the bees were attached to the composition.

bees on magnolia for web

I think it might have been more effective if either the framed image was square with a rectangular background or placing the rectangular image on a square background.  I’ll reserve final judgement until I see what the floating frame adds (or does not add).

I plan to continue the series.   I took this photo of wisteria  in May.


In addition to the flowers there are the pollinators themselves.  Bees, of course but also butterflies and moths.  I made this drawing of a moth in class last spring.  It might be fun to revisit the moths but on a smaller scale than Luna or the Polyphemus. They are each 40″ wide.


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