Weaverville Art Safari – Fall 2019

Its been a couple years since I’ve posted.  I need to make it a habit to post once a month.  And maybe change the title of the blog since I’m way south of 45 degrees north.

I’m set up for the safari (studio tour) so I though I’d share the photos of my studio & my work.  Welcome to my front entry


You are greeted inside by the bear and sometimes by Magnum PI, my studio assistant:

Some of my hangings:


Runners and bowls

Pieces mounted on the wall upstairs:


Then down to the music room:


And into the studio.   Office & design wall:


I have dyed scarves, hand-dyed fabric and more bowls:

More wall hangings:


And framed art along with more bowls and hand-dyed fabric.  BTW, Bob makes the frames.


This gives you a view of the layout.


It takes all week to set this up.  Keeping my fingers crossed for a good turnout.



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5 responses to “Weaverville Art Safari – Fall 2019

  1. clairan

    Great studio. So productive! Hope it’s a big success.


  2. Sherry Boram

    Wow, Kathie! Everything’s so beautiful. Happy to see the dolls and happy for your good life in Weaverville. Have great success with the Art Safari.

  3. How lovely to tour your beautiful studio and home from clear across the continent! Just as I was thinking, “What a lot of work!”, I read your words: “It takes a week to set up.” I’m not surprised! I wish you all the best for a successful Safari!

  4. deb

    Thank you for the tour! And best wishes for a good turnout! Wish I could wriggle my nose and attend.
    Your home is beautiful and the way you have showcased your work is amazing. I like the frames Bob made for you.

  5. Ann Hudson

    Well hello there! So great to see a post from you! LOVE LOVE LOVE your quilts!

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