Its been a long time since I’ve posted  I thought when I finally got to North Carolina, found  house and moved in that I’d get back to work again.  I’m surrounded by wonderful views, all manner of flora and fauna, and only minutes from downtown  Asheville.  But it took me a while to adjust.  And longer than I planned to make the necessary changes to the house.

I have been journaling and gathering ideas, remembering that since I always have my phone with me that I have a very good camera with me as well.  A couple times I chanced upon bees pollinating flowers and managed to capture some images.  Since I want to start out with a smaller format I’m exploring a series on pollinators.

The first piece I’m exploring is a magnolia blossom.  I’ve fused the main components and I’m ready to stitch.  I thought posting my progress would help keep me on track.Polinators Magnolia step 1

I have a wonderful new 9 ft. x 6 1/2 ft.  design wall   The studio is nearly the way I way I want it.

It feels so good to be working.  This piece may not turn out the way I envisioned but right now its all about the process.  And (for me at least) inspiration comes from doing the work.

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