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Book Review: Twelve by Twelve, the International Art Quilt Challenge

I was thrilled to receive  this book from Lark Publishing.  I have followed the Twelve by Twelve blog for some time and this book not only give me a chance to revisit some of the themes but to get to know the artists and their processes on a much more personal basis.

Twelve by Twelve is group of 12 international fiber art who have challenged themselves to create a 12″ x 12″ art quilt based on a theme selected by one  of the members.  The theme might be a concept, such as “Community” or a colorplay such as “BrownSageBlue”.   The group gives themselves two months to complete the challenge.  During this time they use a their blog to explore the concepts and share their journey.

The book is organized into 12 chapters (of course) covering 12 challenges.  In each chapter  features a quilt by one of the 12 members of the group.  The focus of the chapter is the  artist’s creative journey in meeting the challenge.   Each artist shares her background,  gives us a glimpse into the space where she creates her art,  and describes  the technique(s) used to create the featured quilt.  The quilts created by the other 11 artists are pictured, of course, with an artist’s statement for each.

In addition to covering 12 challenges that span a 2 year period, the book features several interesting articles, written by the group members.  Topics range from finding space to create your art to starting your own challenge group.

Each artist writes in the first person so the book has a very personal feeling to it.  Part of me wants to rush through and devour it on one sitting but I am savoring it one chapter at a time, taking the time to really study each challenge and the each participant’s quilt.

The book comes out next week.  I highly recommend you order it.  In the meantime you can visit the group’s website to learn more about the 12 artists and view their wonderful art.



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