Note Cards and Doll Patterns

Note cards on heavy card stock with envelopes

Click on any card for a larger image.

$15/set of 6 assorted cards (may vary from the ones illustrated below)

Shipping within the US: $2 for any quantity

Payment can be made by Paypal to



Showy Pink Ladyslippers

Queens for a Day

Thistle Garden

Visitor                                                                            Heron on a Stump


Kingfisher                                                                          Ghost Birds

Original Cloth Art Doll Patterns

Each Pattern comes with a 8 to 12 page booklet which is illustrated with photographs (some in color) and diagrams.  The pattern pieces are full size.  The back cover lists the tools and supplies.  The patterns are printed on a high quality laser printer and come in a zip bag.

(Click on each pattern to view a larger image and the supply list.)

Patterns $10/each or any 3 patterns for $25

Shipping within the US: $2 for any quantity

24″ jointed doll with wired fingers and a mask!  Masquerade is ready for Carnivale.

Inspired by a doll found in Venice, this 24″ jointed doll holds his mask in his wired hands.  Full color photos for coloring the face are included.

Exquisite 20″ mermaid with fabric collaged tail and quilted hair.   Pattern contains full color photographs for drawing and coloring her face.

A lovely angel doll that you will collage with favorite fabric images.  Her wings are quilted and can be adorned with lace or beaded trip. She is 20″ tall and can be made as a pillow, a wall-hanging, or free-standing doll.  Full color illustrations for drawing and coloring her face are included.

If you wish to purchase anything just send a message to

Payment can be made by Paypal to



5 responses to “Note Cards and Doll Patterns

  1. Amethyst

    Mrs. Briggs,
    Your work is truly inspiring for young fiber artist everywhere, I enjoyed perusing your website and your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  2. Nicky Wood

    Kathie, I find your work incredibly beautiful and inspired!
    Is your “Cycles” piece (on the SP photo page) available as notecards or prints?
    I am a knitter and have always appreciated those individuals who find their art in fiber.

  3. Rebecca Smith - the one that just got married!!

    Wow dear Kathie!! You are amazing! Absolutely enjoyed looking at your beautiful work. Hope you can get to our area someday soon with a display.
    Send love and hugs, Becky (Berg) now SMITH. (Onalaska, WI)

  4. Marge Haggerty

    Saw your work in Art Quilting Studio and had to have a better look. Beautiful

  5. Julie

    how do I order your note cards

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