Swan Song

swan finished full

Swan Song 36″ x 25″

The summer of 2001 was a special time.  We were finally building our dream house on Lake Marion.  I spent the summer in the apartment over the garage; Bill came up on weekends. So I was alone on 9/11.  But not quite alone.  A juvenile Trumpeter Swan was hanging out on the lake. I began feeding him and he got used to me sitting by the lake.

I took many photos and have depicted him in fiber art a few times.  I made this last piece in January.  The house sold while I was finishing it.

The lake ice went out much earlier than usual this year.  Even though its still very cold the lake is full of migrating waterfowl.  The loons have returned and I am so happy to have caught sight of one. My swan never returned to the lake but I will take this one with me to North Carolina.  And it seems like a good image for my last post from the 45th parallel.




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4 responses to “Swan Song

  1. clairan

    I love this post Kathie. Bittersweet, nostalgic, rueful yet full of hope looking to the future. Brava!

  2. A beauty, Kathie, and a fitting memento of your northern life as you move south. Special hugs to you as you travel, dear friend. 🙂

  3. deb

    Yes, indeed Kathie! May your move be smooth, and blessed!

  4. Kathie, the photo of your rental cabin looks like a beautiful, peaceful place to stay while you house-hunt. May you find a place that is perfect for you at this time of new beginnings. I send big hugs as you move from past to future.

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