Moving South…Finally Packing

I should be packing but I want to reestablish my blogging habit so here goes.

Yesterday I closed the sale of this house. I’m relieved that its finally over. I so clearly remember purchasing the first of the three lots nearly 35 years ago. Thirty years ago we built the garage & apartment that was our vacation get-away and later my studio.  We did a lot of the work ourselves and I remember every detail.  Fifteen years ago I supervised the building of this house from that apartment. It was such a fun and exciting process.  Then converting the apartment to the studio.  We loved it here.  But its not the right place for me now. Time to move on and take my memories with me.


And my relocation plans have changed.  For the better but it suddenly complicated everything .  The house in North Carolina sold!  I am so relieved.  It was right for us but wrong for just me.  Now I will rent a small furnished cabin and store almost everything I am taking with me.

Little house

The cabin is small and very basic but the setting is lovely and the location ideal for house hunting.  Setting up a makeshift studio will be challenging but I will figure it out.

The packing seems endless and more complicated since most things are destined for storage.  I am closing out a long chapter and starting a new one. I don’t know what is ahead but moving forward is the right action.


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9 responses to “Moving South…Finally Packing

  1. clairan

    Glad both houses sold and you have a good space for the time being. Storing everything in Asheville? I hope you’ll be in your new home soon.



    • kathiebriggs

      Yes, storing everything in a building very close to the rental house but I hope for not too long. Packing for storage is a lot more challenging that packing for moving. Its taking a long time.

  2. Blessings to you dear friend, as you move into a new chapter in your life. How good it is that even though it’s temporary, the beauty of your southern cabin will feed your spirit. Safe travels!

  3. Diane Simancek

    Wishing you safe travels and enjoyment in your new location. I almost signed up for Elizabeth Barton’s year long online class. I noticed that you were enrolled in her class. Are you enjoying it? I’m currently taking her Abstract Art for Quiltmakers and am enjoying it. Best wishes, Diane Simancek

    • kathiebriggs

      Thank you Diane. I love Elizabeth Barton’s Master class. I am taking a very short break while I pack & move; she’s going to let me catch up with the class later this month. Are you enjoying the Abstract class? If you like the structure and her feedback I recommend the master class. Its long but its pretty exciting.

  4. Jenn Evans

    Congratulations! SO happy for you…..I will miss you tho 😉

  5. Oh Kathie it looks so lovely out there. I live in such an urban setting – Brooklyn NY — and hardly have enough peace to create the way I used to. I’m sure your makeshift studio will provide for you! Good luck with everything and please keep posting 🙂


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