Holiday Market and “The 100”

CTCA Holiday display 2014The Holiday Gift Market is open at the Crooked Tree Art Center in Petoskey, Michigan.  The format is different this year.  Rather than galleries set up like the usual holiday craft shop, the gallery artists were invited to participate and our “gift” items are displayed along with our gallery art.  I will not claim credit, however for the large ceramic vases but I think they look good with the quilts.

“Salvage-Selvage” an exhibit by the Fiber Artists Coalition opened at the art center this past weekend and I will get to the Crooked Tree again soon to take photos to share with you.

I have moved my sewing machine, cutting table, etc and some of my supplies from my studio to the house for the winter. I have winterized the studio so I don’t have to heat the building but I can still get access to supplies (wearing a coat, hat & gloves).  And with the sewing machine set up in the den its not as big a commitment to spend a little time sewing.

I am pleased to be an invited artist for “The 100” to be held on Wednesday, February 4, 2015. The goal for this fiber fundraiser for the American Cancer Society is to raise $10,000 in one day.

How? All the details are here:

I have been making small constructs that might, or might not, be used in a new piece I am making specifically for this event.

small constructs

Quite a contrast between the brights and the neutrals.  The neutrals reflect how I feel right now and the brights project how I want to feel again.



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4 responses to “Holiday Market and “The 100”

  1. marginmirror

    You’re right…those vases complement the quilts beautifully. 🙂 Hugs!

  2. deb

    Your display looks fantastic! Congratulations on being invited to the “The 100”! Keep using the bright colors, maybe they will help.

  3. I love the bright colors, but I like neutrals too; they must have a purpose.

  4. Gallery displays look very nice.
    congrats on your being in the 100! of Virginia’s fund raiser list!!
    i like you possible starts.
    when i want to make and know not yet what,
    i love to randomly join up my hand painted scraps until,
    eventually, a direction is apparent.

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