The Last Gift

On May 30 my husband and I celebrated out 39th anniversary.  We decided against gifts since we had just purchased a house in North Carolina and we had our hands full getting our Michigan house ready to sell.  We’d be celebrating our 40th in a new house. We went out for a nice dinner and its a memory I will always cherish.  Bill died suddenly 12 days later.

Bill’s funeral is this Saturday, on his birthday.  Family and friends are coming from out of town.  Its going to be a bitter-sweet weekend for me seeing all of them.

After our parents died we discussed our funeral arrangements and agreed that neither of us wanted simple services and no fancy urns but when I picked up Bill’s ashes a few days ago I saw how tacky the box was.   I knew right away that I had to make a fabric box to cover it.


So for the first time in 6 weeks I picked up fabric and scissors and began to work.  Years ago I made embroidered fabric boxes and I pretty much remembered the process. I had a nice piece of white dupioni silk for the base fabric and for each of the four sides I designed a simple motif representing one of the four seasons here at the lake. Bill loved nature and the gorgeous setting we’ve lived in and I wanted to honor that. I finished last night and I realized that while I was working on this one last gift for Bill that I started to feel a little alive again.


People start arriving tonight so I need to get ready for that now but I feel I have accomplished something and perhaps I will find some solace in working again.




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19 responses to “The Last Gift

  1. So sorry for your loss, Kathie. Your last gift is a memorable on and a wonderful way to honor your husband.

  2. the box is so beauty filled, so thoughtful and a great homage to him. I feel your loss, and pray you can find some solace. North Carolina is a lovely place to move. LeeAnna Paylor (not afraid of color)

  3. Such a sad story – so glad you were able to gather your strength for this beautiful tribute.

  4. I’m so sorry for your loss, Kathie. May you find peace in your creativity. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and meaningful gift for your husband.

  5. deepest condolences to you, beautiful box, stunning…

  6. wolfsilveroak

    I think that is an absolutely gorgeous cover and he would be very proud of it.


  7. Norma Schlager

    My sympathies. The box is stunning and a beautiful tribute to your love for each other.

  8. clairan

    Your returning to your art is a wonderful way to honor Bill’s memory. Sending you my love.

  9. Hi Kathie.. I’m so happy that you found a positive way to cope with your loss.. You have done Bill proud by creating this art piece. Wishing you well to get through this next phase. Thinking of you, Romona

  10. snicklefritzin43

    Sending you love and light in this time of remembering. Thank you for sharing the beautiful story of your life and love with your wonderful husband. Peace be with you. Kristin

  11. I am very sorry for the loss of your husband. The box you made is wonderful. What a good way to honor your spouse. You have inspired me.

  12. Oh Kathie…..your post brought tears to my eyes…..I’m so sorry for your loss. The box couldn’t be more perfect……warm thoughts coming your way….

  13. when there are no words
    there is art.
    the container is a beautiful way to honor your life together.

  14. deb

    Such a beautiful way to honor your husband. I know Bill is beaming, feeling the love you put into his last gift.

  15. marginmirror

    Kathie, it’s perfect. It is you and your heart, given to Bill and his heart.

    Love you,


  16. Deborah Bright

    It’s beautiful, Kathy. Sending you prayers.

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  18. Laurie

    Perhaps Bill has given you a gift as well — starting to feel alive again.
    Will pray you get through the hard times and grow stronger each day.
    (You don’t know me, I am Jeff’s big sister).

  19. Beautiful covering box. Praying for you.

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