No Time for Art

Much has happened since I posted here two month ago.

For some time we have been talking about moving to a milder climate and last month we bought a house in Weaverville, North Carolina, just outside of Asheville.

Our Michigan house is for sale and getting the house and studio ready to show has taken most of my time.  With our prolonged winter it has been a formidable task.

Luckily I started preparing for a move in December but getting rid of (at least) 10 things every day. I have made countless trips to recycling and the charity resale shops.  I have sold items on eBay and Craig’s list.  I have given away almost all my craft items, books and doll house items.  And it feels wonderful to be free of things I no longer love or no longer need.

I’ve had very little studio time but I did manage to finish a piece I started in a workshop I took with Gwen Marston the day before I went to Asheville and fell in love with the new house.  Gwen’s workshop was about creating abstract quilts using only solid fabrics.   I almost never use solids so I had to buy some fat quarters just to have a decent selection of fabric.  Turned out to be a lot of fun and I love the contrast that you get with solids.  I like it enough to try a couple more and then see how I will incorporate solids with my usual batik and hand-dyed fabrics.

29" x 17.5"

29″ x 17.5″



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6 responses to “No Time for Art

  1. clairan

    Kathie I really love how free this piece is!

  2. Hey Kathie….I’ve been following you blog for quite some time….and was so delighted to hear you are moving to my neck of the woods. From one mid-westerner to another…it probably will never be home….but with it’s milder climate, friendly folks, and creative community….you will love it.

    You blog didn’t say when this will take place…..but let me be the first fiber friend to welcome you! Drop me a note when you can manage it…..I’d love to gather with you. I live about 45 mins. West and a little North of Asheville…..and can easily find my way to Weaverville, or you are welcome here OR…we can meet inbetween…..

    Your abstract design is fabulous…..a subject that leaves me struggling!! Gwen us a wonderful teacher…..spend time with her on a couple of cruises we were both on…..

    • kathiebriggs

      Wow, Mary, thank you for the welcome. I’m so excited that we will practically be neighbors. (In northern MI where I drive an hour to get my hair cut, 45 minutes away is considered to be “in the neighborhood”.)

      We are staying in Michigan until our house sells. We still have snow banks here and the lake ice only left this past week so things have been slow. We are hoping that when summer comes someone will fall in love with our house and then we’ll be on our way to North Carolina.

      Its a big change for us but I fell in love with the area. Really looking forward to getting together once we get moved.

  3. I saw this on Pinterest, Kathie….with your name referenced. I thought,where are the batiks? THIS IS NOT Kathies work! But indeed, you continue to surprise and amaze…the colors and and movement and the border are wonderful.

  4. I would recognize your work anywhere, dear friend, even in those striking solids, so different from your usual subtleties…But those lines, that approach to piecing, is definitely yours. Glad all is proceeding apace for the move, and hope your northern home will sell soon!

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