Color Therapy

It has snowed nearly every day the past two months. The sun has come out rarely though it made an appearance today; something it only seems to do when we register single digits. So this week I decided it was time to bring out the bright colors and have some fun.

I’m working through some exercises I have designed for an upcoming class.  I like to have several samples to share with the class.  This is a grid exercise and I decided to play with free-form log cabin assemblies.

I keep my scraps in clear plastic shoe boxes and I like to start my piecing using scraps.  I can always cut from yardage is I can’t find what I want in the scrap box. I grabbed four boxes holding favorite colors:  green, red, purple and turquoise.

untitled 21" x 21"

untitled 21″ x 21″

Its stitched and back on the design board while I contemplate a matching or contrasting binding.  I have flipped it around several times before decided which way was up!

I’m repeating the exercise with red as the predominate color and more contrast.   I am having a blast and the bright colors have put me in a happy mood.



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2 responses to “Color Therapy

  1. Deb

    It glows, Kathie! Think spring!

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