Still Life with Apples

I decided to participate in a challenge to create a piece focused on negative space.  I had done negative space drawing exercises but not in a long time so I got out my sketchbook and set a chair in front of my design board and drew what wasn’t the chair.    The first attempt was pretty funny, the next a little better, but I decided I didn’t want to do a piece based on a chair so I looked around for a likely candidate and spotted some paper-whites stuck in a vase with milkweed pods.  I set up the paper-whites in front of the design board and repeated the exercise.  The paper whites fell over after I drew them and I couldn’t get them right to photograph, but you get the idea.

DSCN0481paperwhite drawing









I constructed a background that I liked well enough but none of the fabrics I auditioned worked for the paper-whites and I wasn’t sure it was a particularly good attempt of focus on negative space.  Solid was dead and anything else was too busy.


But out walking with my dog, Annie, I noticed the abundance of apples on the roadside trees.  Apples!  Complementary colors.  And many apples are red and green so  I let the background be the green.

Still Life with Apples 14" x 24"

Still Life with Apples 14″ x 24″

Actually it was a lot of fun.



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3 responses to “Still Life with Apples

  1. Bonnie

    Just beautiful…

  2. deb

    Funny how one thing leads to another….have to accept this as part of the process. Very lovely outcome!

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