Adventures in Dyeing

Last Monday I received Ann Johnston‘s new DVD set:DVD Cover

I had already ordered some additional dyes to fill in the gaps and a bolt of PFD.  I was anxious to get started but my schedule delayed me a bit.  But I was able to watch the DVD all the way through in a couple of sessions, mix 12 different dyes and prep the “wet” area of my studio.   I am fortunate have a decent place to work with a deep sink and a large table that is separated from my sewing space.

The DVDs are fabulous.  I feel like I am taking a class with Ann.  She shows many variations for each technique and explains how they were created and then gives a demonstration,  sometimes showing how you can get different results using the same exact dye mixtures applied in different manner.  There are more details including a preview of the DVD on her website and I highly recommend it.

I’ve managed 5 session in the past week.  Some days I have only been able to work (play?) for a few hours.  Last Thursday I had the entire day and it was wonderful.   I’m at the beginning of a series based on the seasons so I am trying to dye with that in mind.   I am also trying the different techniques Ann demonstrates and its great to be able to review her demos as I go.

Green on plastic chain

wrapped on a plastic chain

Wrapped on a plastic chain

I’ve had some luck with Shibori both on a 3″ PVC pipe and wrapped on foam pile insulation.  Ive played with rope, marbles, rubber bands

Shibori and Spring Greens

B W shibori

Shibori on 3″ PVC

Shibori overdye on pipe insulation

Shibori overdye on pipe insulation

Also with variations of folding, pleated and clamping

Red and blue on folded square

I am keeping track of the techniques, timing, recipes, etc. in a book.  Everything is numbered and dated with samples of the test strip and photos of the finished pieces.  I am up to #25 now and just getting warmed up.

Project Book

This is so fun I’m amazed it is legal.  Thanks Ann!

Fall Parfait

Color “parfait” – fall



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6 responses to “Adventures in Dyeing

  1. clairan

    Can’t wait to try some out myself

  2. Bonnie

    Beautiful fabrics indeed. I love the idea of the plastic chain. I have used a metal chain for rusting with good results…this could be a matching fabric!

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  4. These DVDs were in my mailbox Friday after work and have watched the first one and half of the second one already. I love the way she touches the fabric while dyeing it. If only it wasn’t so frigid outside, I’d be out in my garage dyeing today. Love seeing your results, hope I have some of my own soon!

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