A Useful Critique

A couple of weeks ago I took some pieces into the art center.  The visual director selected some for the sales gallery.  One piece she didn’t select was the more representational view of Marsh Marigolds, though she did take the abstract view,”The Marsh“.

Marsh Marigolds 22" x 32.5"

Marsh Marigolds 22″ x 32.5″

We have a good relationship and she is comfortable giving me critique.  She pointed out that the leaves/flower read like a big block of yellow.  Of course she is right.

Its kind of funny because one thing I love about walking in the woods is the play of light & shadow and even though I used fabric with texture and tried to make use of the white in some of the hand-dyes, it didn’t really convey that.

I changed some the fabrics and used some of my screen-printed silk organza to darken the leaves and, hopefully, get more of a light and shadow effect:

Marsh Marigolds



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5 responses to “A Useful Critique

  1. clairan

    Yes big improvement lovely piece

  2. marginmirror

    You know, sometimes all it takes is another pair of eyes…I have the opportunity to show pieces to a gallery owner in the coming week. I am going to pray that she will be open and gently honest with me and critique where necessary. There is always something to learn — and yes, the amended piece is stronger!

  3. Bonnie

    I couldn’t believe the difference in the two pieces…and the change was so minor. I am an at home player of fabric and would never even dream of exhibiting let alone selling my stuff…so I really admire the work of those who can and do.

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