Cardinal Flowers…finished

Last week after a long workday (it was sidewalk sale week) I came home and decided to just start slicing away the the Cardinal flowers, taking a cue or two from the Photoshop prototype.  I was tired and didn’t over-think it.

Cardinal Flowers 24" x 33"

Cardinal Flowers 24″ x 33″

I used clear monoflilment thread and a zigzag stitch to attached the strips.  Then I fused on a new backing piece and zigzagged over all the connections again.  The stitching is invisible even at close range and the backing is securely attached.

This version is much more interesting to me and I rather liked the challenge of combining pieces. I pondered over the process.  Would it have been easier to combine the images before quilting?  I decided that it would have meant a LOT of starting and stopping.  Stitching the background first, adding the images and stitching them was easier.  It was a fun exercise and I may try it again, on purpose this time.



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One response to “Cardinal Flowers…finished

  1. deb

    Love the abstract direction….and this piece with its texture is so lovely.

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