More Beneath the Surface, a second Tall Story

I finished the second tall, narrow tree for Loose Thread’s forest.   I found a great hand-dyed piece for a winter sky.  I had originally planned for the ground beneath the surface to go from brown to purple then red and finally orange but when I pinned it up it didn’t look right so I reversed it and liked it better with the purple on the bottom to balance the purple/gray of the sky.

background pieced

background pieced

I drew a sort of a tree and the root system in Photoshop.  I liked the lime green roots but decided that the brown tree was not enough contrast and the tree was just too big.

Photoshop version

Photoshop version

Final version:  The tree is black and simple.

Winter tree crop for web

And I decided that the roots are still working their way down.  If you click on the image the whole length should appear on your screen.

More beneath the surface

More beneath the surface
70″ x 14″



Filed under abstract, Exhibits, free-piecing, nature inspired

3 responses to “More Beneath the Surface, a second Tall Story

  1. Bonnie

    What beautiful work! I just love it…very creative and colourful yet moody.

  2. Robbie Payne

    Very cool, Kathie…did you know Mary A. had hip replacement this week. She’s doing well and will recoup at her daughters.
    Again this piece is so cool!

  3. marginmirror

    Oh! I like this very much indeed! And the background is spot on!

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