Back to the Cardinal Flowers

cardinal flowers WIP

This piece has been on my design wall since March when I wrote that I was “Stalled”.  I had played around in Photoshop and had pretty much decided that I needed to cut it up and reassemble it but it clearly needed more than that.  Finally it dawned on me that there was not enough variety to make an interesting piece.  I didn’t want to introduced new imagery or new colors so I decided to add a flower in a different scale.   I also wanted a bit of calmer background.

big flower

Since the original piece was already quilted I made the larger image with the same batting and stitched the same random grid in the background.  Originally the entire background was gray hand-dye but it looked too separate from the original so after it was done I put in the batik.  It was a backward way to do it but this project has gone that way.  It obviously has something to teach me.

More playing in Photoshop and this time I decided to get bolder with the inserts:

Merged cardinal flowers

And I think this is a more interesting piece because of the inserts.  Now its a question of placement (this is just a bit too centered for my taste) , and, of course, just how I am going to reassemble the already quilted pieces.   I will make up some practice strips and try both monofilament and plain gray thread.

Of course its one thing to chop up an image in Photoshop.  Courage is needed.



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2 responses to “Back to the Cardinal Flowers

  1. marginmirror

    That insert does indeed bring that piece to life — and I agree…a bit more off centre. Also, perhaps the trail of something (a branch, piece of grass or leaf) from the right side into the insert…? Just a thought. 🙂

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