Art Camp

Handmade Books

Handmade Books

Last month I had the opportunity to spend a few days at Art Camp sponsored by Two Twelve Arts Center in Saline Michigan.  Camp was held at the Michindoh Centerin Hillsdale Michigan.

The weekend was a perfect blend of creativity, nature and restoration.   I took classes in drawing, painting and journaling.  We spent time outside capturing the beauty of our surroundings.  Time was spent on the journey of discovery without any focus on an end result. 

my scarf (left) and the class practice scarf (right)

some drawings from art camp

Drawing with a pen (gasp!) was something I had not ever tried.  You can’t erase for goodness sake.  But I gave it a try and there is something freeing about committing yourself to a line.  And there’s no stress as long as it is just in my sketchbook.  We also had a class in drawing objects by analyzing their basic shapes.  For this we used pencil which was a good thing for me because I had to  make a lot of corrections but by the end of the workshop my drawings were noticeably better.

We finished off by dyeing silk scarves.  Mine turned out OK but I was lucky enough to come home with the one we all used to test colors and techniques,  Its a lot more fun.  And that might be because we were all just fooling around with it, not really trying to create anything in particular.

my scarf (left) and the class practice scarf (right)

my scarf (left) and the class practice scarf (right)

I came home with good memories but also with new ideas and energy.   For me, at least, a few days away from my routine where I can just be a kid again is one of the best ways to rekindle my creative spirit.   And I have been spending more time on my drawing and adding color.

Deblearning colorsdeck  and lakeDeb 1loonThis is the first time I have used watercolors since….high school at least.  I’ve always told myself I can’t paint but now I want to learn.  Right now I am drawing first and adding paint to the drawings.  I am enjoying the process and hopefully learning a bit about how watercolors blend.

Its a nice change of pace and according to all the experts a great design tool.



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4 responses to “Art Camp

  1. clairan

    Love what you’re doing. And your scars looked good to me!

    • kathiebriggs

      Thanks Clairan, I’m sure having a lot of fun and its sparking some creativity too. Hope you are seeing the big trees.

  2. marginmirror

    What fun! 🙂 I really like pen-and-ink, which I then colour in loosely with water colour. I learned this in the 2 years of “Beginning Drawing and Watercolour” I took (September – May each of ’05-06 and 06-’07). Somehow the looseness makes it look “professional” even when it’s nothing like! I find that when I try to be more precise, I mess it up. So…stay loose and enjoy! (Grin)

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