And of course….trees

lake mi scene wip

The background is quilted.  I find it a lot easier to do that before adding any constructs over it.  The trees in the real scene were all  in a row but I thought it might be more interesting if one was in the foreground and two farther toward the lake.

I will need to leave this for a few days before stitching the trees.  I have plenty of time to think about leaving them bare or stitching the pine needles.



Filed under nature inspired

3 responses to “And of course….trees

  1. With the brown earth…I rather like the trees spare and bare — even if they are meant to be evergreens…There is a powerful simplicity in it.

  2. deb

    This scene reminds me of my beloved Lake Michigan beach in the UP. Beautiful. The trees would be white pines, if they were on Lake Michigan.

    • kathiebriggs

      Deb, they are indeed white pines on Lake Michigan. They are getting their needles but I ran out of the green thread I needed to finish. Its on order since I can’t get it around her.

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