Back in the Studio After Voice Coaching with Leni Wiener

What happened to April?  At the end of March I was staring at pieces that were not working.  And here it is almost two months later and those pieces are still on the design board.   Some time before I left for the SAQA Conference in Santa Fe I started another piece that was supposed to be a background for spring growth (Trillium, Pussy Willows???):

Spring step 1 72 dpi
But when I finished piecing it I decided it was too busy for a background for flowers but too little contrast to stand on its own.  But I like it so I will work with it as an abstract construction.  To me it says “Early Spring”before the snow is completely gone and the earliest wildflowers are just coming out.  But I am not going to applique flowers on it.

The highlight of the SAQA Conference was the Voice Coaching session I had with Leni Wiener.  Prior to the coaching, Leni sent a questionnaire to each of the four participants.   We each sent the completed questionnaire along with several photos of our work, dated by year completed so she could see the progression. Leni normally provides the coaching through a phone conversation but the four of us had a “live” session in front of an audience.  (Yes I was just a little nervous).

After an overview of the process Leni spent an half hour with each participant.  Between what Leni pointed out and what she prompted me to admit I do feel like I have a direction and I am excited about it.   Luckily I took notes because from Santa Fe I went on to visit my best friend in California and then came home to !Spring! and all the yard work (a labor of love).

Finally this week I have started new work.  I was inspired by a scene I saw while walking near Lake Michigan. I resisted the impulse to get my camera and record it.  I even resisted the temptation to try to sketch it.  I am trying to feel it instead.  I have finished piecing the background.  There will be trees and stitching.  And I may wind up cropping out some of the sky.  But for now it feels good to be working on something new .
Lake Mich background 72 dpi



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One response to “Back in the Studio After Voice Coaching with Leni Wiener

  1. Oh Kathie! I have been waiting for this post. I am inspired by your work, and the (tentative) success of my own ‘spin’ on pieced backgrounds… love that initial foray of yours…and am preparing to explore my own journey more deeply with Leni. Also will likely sign up for her webinar if I can (see Martha’s latest newsletter).

    I can see you standing in front of ‘unfinished’ work, one hand on hip, another cradling a glass of vino…

    It is so wonderful to have met you, to garden alongside you, and to learn from and with you!


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