I haven’t posted in weeks.  Partially because I have been traveling, partially because a nasty cold leveled me, and partially because I am stuck.

The traveling was the good part.  My sister and I spent two weeks in Ecuador last month.  We had a fabulous time in two cities in the Andes Mountains.   If that interests you check out Vacation in Ecuador .

The stuck part is not good.  I know that sometimes when I get stalled its because I’m in the phase of creativity called “incubation” and “illumination” will come next showing a direction that may even be the right direction to proceed.    But this just feels like stuck.

The Cardinal Flower piece is stuck in the wallpaper zone.  The colors work OK

cardinal flowers WIP

but the values don’t have much contrast.  And besides, its basically boring.cardinal flowers WIP B & W

It needs some energy.  I thought about adding a hummingbird or butterflies but I don’t think that will pull it together.  Maybe chopping it up and sewing it back in a random manner?

cardinal flowers chopped

On the other hand I am more or less pleased with this arrangement of Green Spaces.

green spaces WIP

I want the stitching to be a strong design element but have not yet come up with a plan.

So its time to leave these two on the design wall a bit longer and move onto something that will make me want to come to the studio the minute I wake up.



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6 responses to “Stalled

  1. marginmirror

    I confess I like the Cardinal Flower — especially ‘chopped up”. Maybe in 3 panels, enveloped, and stitched to each other as in your photo. The red — and touch of yellow — seem like enough spark to me…Maybe add some texture with hand-stitch or subtle beading on the heads of the cat-tails?

    I confess that while I like the idea of ‘Green Spaces’, the contrast is indeed strong (at least through my monitor!) so agree with you about the stitching, 🙂

    Maybe look to your holiday photos for some inspiration for what’s next?

  2. kathiebriggs

    Thank you Margaret. I really like the idea of using beading and/or hand-stitch on the head of the cattails. I have rather a nice bead collection. I am going to play around in Photoshop before I chop. It already quilted but I have chopped and reassembled pieces before.

    For Green Spaces I would like to do something “blocky” in the gray (buildings) area and something organic in the green spaces. I am going to print out a few copies and play around with markers.

    For now I have decided to work on my SAQA auction piece. I have forgotten how fun working small can be.

  3. I think chopping and reassembling will work with the first one. But before doing that, why not take them both down and put them away for a while – their presence while you are in an acknowledged ‘stuck’ rut may be preventing you moving on. Ecuador pics might help – do you keep sketches? If you do, you could spend some time to revisit some really old ones and see if anything strikes you as something you could tackle or tackle again with a new perspective. Take your camera and pick a theme for the week or something – say ‘shades of white’, or ‘rough surfaces’, whatever – and take only photos of anything that could possibly conform to just that theme – you’ll be looking at things differently with this little self imposed structure, and you may be surprised. Come to think of it, I might head off right now with my own camera – its a lovely day…

    • Thanks Alison. I will put both out of sight for now and leave the design walls fresh. I spent the past couple of days working on my SAQA auction piece and that was freeing. It has given me some ideas.

      Yes, I do have a sketchbook and I do have ideas from Ecuador in addition to my “studies” of wildflowers, moths and birds. The camera assignment sounds like a good project once spring arrives. Something to give me a fresh perspective. We still have snow up to my knees and while I really enjoy photography it loses its appeal when the temperature is so frigid. Glad it is a lovely day where you are.

  4. clairan

    I like the cut up version

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