A Tale of Three Pieces

After I finished the Marsh Marigolds I thought it would be fun to continue on with the wildflower theme.  Since working with yellow was so uplifting I chose Ladyslippers.  I enlarged my drawing and printed out a full size cartoon.

Ladyslipper drawing

Ladyslipper drawing

Knowing where the flowers and leaves would conceal all or most of the background helped me eliminate  the piecing behind these areas.  I selected a palette of gray with violet overtones and the primary color.

background pieced and quilted

I thought it would provide good contrast with the green and yellow of the flowers.


But it did not.  The desaturated photo shows there is no value contrast (!)

fabric audition

I needed darker and/or lighter values for my subject.  I decided to try a selection of darker greens for the leaves knowing full well that yellow was going to be a problem.  I free pieced a selection of greens with the intention of cutting the assemblies into the leaf shapes.


The contrast was OK but after I made several assemblies and pinned them against the background I saw something different, an overhead view of parks or gardens in an urban location.  That’s a new piece.

I didn’t want to applique these over the quilted background.  I decided to piece them with the neutral urban colors and go use lighter grays and beige fabrics.  I have been auditioning possible layouts:



Meanwhile, I decided that dark green and red would work best on midtone grays of the quilted background.  And that a more delicate flower would suit the composition.  So I changed the focus to another favorite wildflower, the cardinal flower, which blooms right down by the lake.


So now I have:

1.  A Ladyslipper compostion on paper.

2. Pieces that hopefully will become “Urban Parks” or something like that.

3. A background and kind of a plan for Cardinal Flowers.

None of the above will be finished quickly since I have some travel plans coming up. But it will be nice to come back  to all three of these with fresh eyes.



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2 responses to “A Tale of Three Pieces

  1. clairan

    It’s very interesting to watch your process. I look forward to seeing these pieces complete. have a good trip!

  2. deb

    Yes, Kathie, I loved observing your thought processes…and learned from them. These projects hold much promise. Have a wonderful trip!

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