The Marsh – Part One

I decided to use this photo of the marsh full of marigolds and the reference for my abstract composition.marsh photo

I’ve pieced the background.  I am not certain that background is the correct term but its how I work–from the back to the front.  I changed the horizon to give me more sky.  I love soft blue and so rarely find a way to use it.

I still need to quilt it and this time I am going to used a lighter weight backing fabric.  And while I am stitching I will contemplate the color(s)  for the tree trunks as well as placement.  At one time I thought about piecing them in but decided that it would get awfully messy and I would likely miss my deadline.

And I want to find a way to include a bit of the red twig.  Piecing it with the yellow and bright greens did not give me the look I wanted.  Maybe stitch?  Lots to think about while I quilt.

marsh background


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One response to “The Marsh – Part One

  1. It’s going to be another great piece, Kathie; and yes, i think I agree with you about the red down there in with the yellow and green. Amazing how just a tiny bit stands out, eh?

    I have only toyed with pieced backgrounds but yours is very effective…Must give it a try!

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