Abstract 8 (Again) and Starting Something New

December has been a frustrating month.  I’ve suffered a couple of injuries that were relatively minor but their nature has kept me away from the studio.  And during October and November I was concentrating on making items for the holiday gift bazaars at the local art centers.   So even though I am back in the studio I am feeling pretty rusty.

My first though was to tackle something I have been calling “Abstract 8.”  Its been on my design wall in many configurations since last March (!) and I’ve never been satisfied with it.


Abstract 8 March 2012

Abstract 8 December

Abstract 8 December 2012

I think this is an improvement but I still feel the need to let it sit on the design wall for a while.

Coincidentally last spring I took dozens of photos of Marsh Marigolds.  They bloom in the wetlands in April  are the first significant splash  color in the early spring.

Swamp full of MM


I came up with a sketch:

Marsh Marigold Sketch

And then pulled some fabrics–the red is for the red twig dogwood that grows in with them:

MM Fabrics

And started sewing some insertion blocks to be the weedy background:

MM background audition

background with leaf shapes

So I hope to be adding to my wildflower series with this piece and think about the direction I want to take in 2013.  I’m a bit conflicted between the nature inspired pieces and the newer non-objective abstractions.  I will probably follow both paths for a while and see where they take me.  It would be nice if they converged somewhere.



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2 responses to “Abstract 8 (Again) and Starting Something New

  1. marginmirror

    Lovely photo inspiration, Kathie — and I like the way you combine a bit of abstraction in your nature pieces; I hope this will be a happy combination of the two approaches.

    And I look at the top photo and think, ‘tree trunks…embroidered grasses…sloppy French knot flowers…’ (grin)

  2. love the wildflower piece. abstract — perhaps it’s feeling a bit closed in with all the pale around the vibrant?

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