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Like the icon says: I was published in Art Quilting Studios this month. I have two articles “A Love Affair with Trees” and “Adventures in Abstraction”. Unfortunately for me, my copy of the magazine has not arrived though apparently it is on the newsstands. Very frustrating. I don’t know if it is lost of if its just that I live in a rural area and it is just taking longer to get here.

I see its been over a month since I posted anything (!) and I’m wondering where November went. Lots of delivering and picking up work since several shows opened/closed during the month. Getting things ready for the holiday art bazaar. Decorating wreaths for a fundraiser. All this meant very little studio time for me.

I am happy to announce that my webpage is finally up to date:

And now its time to get serious about setting goals for the upcoming year.


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  1. marginmirror

    First, congratulations, Kathie! Now I have two friends in that issue — you and arlee barr (who lives in Calgary, Alberta, and as of last week had not received her complimentary copy — though she had received one she ordered — and presumably paid for!) I’m off to Red Deer on Thursday and will be looking for it at Chapters!!

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