And More Table Art

I’ve had some fun making silk bowls.  Other than being a little slippery to cut the silk is great to work with.  I have a collection of scraps from tie-making that one of my students found in NYC garment district.  She brought a trunkful to a doll making workshop.  Its wonderful and shiny and even though I only have a few colors its great fun to work with. And also leftover from dollmaking are silk blouses and dresses from the resale shop.  Some of the prints are pretty ugly until they are cut into strips and wound.  I used rayon and metallic thread for these and I love the way the light hits them.

Playing around with openings here and beaded embellishment.  Its kind of neutral.  I think next time I will add in some color to punch it up.

This set is my favorite yet.  If it fit my color scheme I would keep it.  But there is not a drop of blue in the great room so it will go to the Fiber Fest next month.  Hopefully someone will love it as much as I do.  I made up a business card to attach to the bowls and runners.  I will note the size and fabric content.  And the price, of course.  I’m down to less than 2 weeks so I need to start tagging things and getting my display finalized.  Then if I have time I can make a few more items.



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4 responses to “And More Table Art

  1. marginmirror

    Love the glow the silk seems to bring to the bowls. Bless you for your patient working with it!

  2. deb

    Oh yes, the silk is so luminous. I love the bead work and the shapes, too. They are beautiful!

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