Suddenly September

Summer is slipping away gently.  The weather has been lovely albeit a bit too dry.  Work has kept me away from the studio more than I would like but now with the “season” winding down I will have more time.  I’m continuing to work on bowls and runners and enjoying it but also have been feeling the need to do something more.  I have a few small works that would benefit from matting.  This is one 12 x 12 without the mat:

The Dance 12 x 12

And with a mat added in Photoshop:

The Dance matted 18″ x 18″

While looking for some of my better journal quilts  that might be candidates to mat I came across another very old UFO:

I would guess these pieces are 6 years old because I made them based on a couple of fiber postcards that are dated 2006:

These were cute as 4″ x 6″ postcards with seed bead but clearly didn’t make it on a larger scale. At one time they were all part of one composition.  I think I used black to sash.  Anyway it wasn’t a successful experiment so I put them away and hadn’t seen them for probably 6 years.

Ah, but now they are fodder for experimenting.  I can’t wait to slice them up and see what happens.  Stay tuned.



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2 responses to “Suddenly September

  1. You will no doubt do something wonderful with them, Kathie. I’m staying tuned:-)

  2. I love The Dance and I think beginning the new season with some serious play is a fabulous idea.

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