Taking a Break from Art

In October I’ll have a table at a very cool fiber festival.  While I may have some matted or framed small works there I plan to feature purses, iPad cases, and “table art”.   The basket & runner I had at the art center sold earlier this summer so I thought I’d make some more.  The first one is pretty tame with just two colors and a long strip-pieced runner.

After I made the next bowl  I dredged up  some “chicken” fabric I used years ago in a Ricky Timm’s piece for the runner  This time I incorporated free-pieced blocks in the runner.  This one was more fun to make but I wonder if it will appeal to anyone.

Since that was so much fun I thought I’d make a smaller free-pieced mat for a bowl I made a while back.

This bowl was made from the ugliest fabric I have ever seen.

No, I didn’t buy it.  It came in a prize basket at the Chicago IQF several years ago.

This bowl got a little larger than planned. I’m still playing around with ideas for the runner.

Its been fun and relaxing to work on these.  I get to play with fabric and use some color combinations that don’t often find their way into my work.

On the art front, I have some pieces in “Voices” at the Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Center (Michigan) and traveled downstate for the opening earlier this month.  I wrote about the opening on the Fiber Artists Coalition blog and the exhibit has its very own website.




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4 responses to “Taking a Break from Art

  1. marginmirror

    A break from art? No way! You’re on a roll! (And no, I’m not about to get into the difference between this high-level fine craft, and “art”! LOL!) 😉

  2. These bowls are great, Kathie – and it is brilliant to pair them with the runners or placemats or whatevers. I’m thinking I should find out how to make those bowls. Seems like good therapy:-)

    • kathiebriggs

      Rayna, They are fun and quite easy to make. They are my “knitting” so yes, therapy. Essentially you wrap thin strips of fabric (I like approx. 3/4″ wide) around a core.and use a zig-zag stitch on the machine, adjusting the angle as you go around to get the shape. Lots of people use clothesline but I prefer a nylon cording. Its finer gauge and also more rigid. The needle goes through it easily.

      I saw Helen Deighan make these at the Chicago IQF several years ago so I bought the cord from her initially. I can get it at our local quilt shop. Helen wrote a book in 2005
      and a number of other books have come out since.

      I don’t have a book but glanced through a few. Its a great way to get rid of truly awful fabric. And, of course, its therapy.

  3. Great idea! Do a how to blog post !

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