Slow Design

May was the month that didn’t want to let me into the studio.  Yardwork, a show to install, work to deliver out of  town and a bunch of other tasks combined to make it nearly impossible to get any time for art.  And projects with hard deadlines had to come first.

But I managed to find the time to quilt the backgrounds for what was going to be my triptych for Judy’s fabric challenge.  And every time I would come into the studio I would rearrange blocks and strips:

I cut some components up and I sewed some new ones.  But no matter what I did I wasn’t quite happy.   But I did like the connecting strips and I starting thinking of them as pathways connecting the larger constructs.  And then I decided that its not meant to be a triptych.

So I folded over the black border and started butting up the sections.  First this way:

Then this way:

And I think this second layout has possibilities.   (The bright pink strip is just a placeholder).  And I like it horizontal as well as vertical so that must mean something.

All those weeks of playing at slow design have changed the whole piece.  Its a lot less boxy and its telling me that its called “Connections” so I will be adding more connections as I go but at least I know the next step.



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2 responses to “Slow Design

  1. I like it better horizontlly. Less static. IMHO the blocks with skiennier strips are most successful.

  2. marginmirror

    Hi Kathie! I agree it works both ways, but I like it horizontally best. You might use Jean Judd’s method of ‘corners’ for hanging bars so it can be hung either way in the end. 🙂 (and I really like the idea of a pink ‘place marker’.

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