Auditioning Backgrounds

More auditions.  First a peachy busy batik which is still pretty light and tends to blend with some of the fabric in the units.  That could be good or bad.  So next some calmer peach batik that I could piece to make it less flat.

So there’s definitely a contrast.  Too much?  Onto the darks next.  Grays and browns.

This last one is a warmer brown with some black.  So far I think I like it best.

I’m rearranging the units and trying to see how much tilt I want.  Then I began to wonder:  are 6 units just too many for this piece?  What if I broke it into 2 or 3 related pieces.  So I cropped an image for possible a triptych

And what I like best is the fragments off the edges. Which means I get to make more units and chop them up!    Its time to take a break and think about the possibilities.



Filed under abstract, free-piecing

2 responses to “Auditioning Backgrounds

  1. It’s great to see you freeing up and being playful!

  2. Love your blog and your color scheme for your work.

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