Wild Whooping Crane Hatches in Wisconsin

Milagros: Hope 30" x 20"

Last year I made this piece to celebrate the hatching of chick (W3-10).  The parents had nested each year but their eggs were infertile.  Last spring an egg laid by a captive crane in the breeding program was swapped for their infertile egg.  They raised this chick successful to fledge.

Today Operation Migration reports this same pair has successfully hatched one of their very own eggs.  The photo of the parents with the chick is the May 2 entry in their Field Journal.



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3 responses to “Wild Whooping Crane Hatches in Wisconsin

  1. I love this beautiful piece and rejoice in the good news.

  2. Another elegant background for your beautiful work – I think you are onto something.

  3. marginmirror

    Whoo hoo! And I love the way the parents in your piece are looking at their new arrival with a bit of confusion, as if to say, “What the heck — ?!” 🙂