Tree Memorial Finished

For Four Who Stood Tall 1892-2012
40" x 25"

After a couple of weeks on the design board while I weighed my options I finally took this piece to my machine yesterday and added the needles using free-motion stitching.  And it went better than I thought it would.  So it is finished.

One big stump hole is filled in.  It makes the turn in the driveway easier.   And the day lilies will fill in now that there is more sunshine.

The other big stump hole and all the chipped wood and bark still need to be dealt with. and quickly if I want to fill in with ferns.  I would like to plant a hydrangea as a memorial.

The other two stumps will soon be hidden by bracken and then life goes on but not quite the same without these four giants.  I have this piece as a reminder and the making of it helped me with the sadness of losing four gorgeous trees.



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10 responses to “Tree Memorial Finished

  1. It’s perfect, Kathie.

  2. Norma Schlager

    This is wonderful! I like the ethereal feeling, perfect for a ghost tree.

  3. Lovely, both the piece and the memorials

  4. jmhouston

    I think the piece is wonderful Kathie. We lost a huge old oak this past fall, combination of age, Hurricane Ike, drought over the last four years. I shed a few tears………..maybe I’ll get around to a “memorial” piece too………….

  5. trees have a special connection for me. my eyes lit up when I saw this piece. the background connotes longevity and continued growth of more trees and of your love for them
    great piece

  6. What a beautiful tribute to your trees. We experienced some tragic losses from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. These old giants are really special! I can never tire of sitting on my front porch and looking at the tree canopy, especially now that they have their spring growth.

  7. This is really lovely. The background indicates the trees standing as well as laying on the ground. We too had a hugh oak that died right outside my kitchen window. I miss looking out to that majestic oak.

  8. kathiebriggs

    Thanks everyone. This was an emotional subject for me but I didn’t want it to be a depressing piece. I am glad that it resonated with others who have lost majestic old trees. Yes, the light spring green was chosen for spring, renewal and hope. I wanted the background to reflect the diversity of the plants in the woods and the fallen trees that are part of any woodland. Thank you again for your comments.

  9. marginmirror

    You have honoured your beloved trees…and all trees, in a way — even the ones that line my roads here. Beautiful.

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