Storm Warnings

Storm Warnings 18 x 24

Last year I was invited by Machine Quilting Unlimited to participate in their Seasons Challenge.  Twelve artists were selected to create 18″ x 24″ pieces to depict their assigned season.  Other than the uniform size, the only requirement was the use of machine stitching.   I was thrilled to be invited so of course I accepted the invitation.  When we were assigned our seasons and I saw the list of  participants I felt very honored to be included in this group of exceptional artists:

Spring:  Sue Reno, Heidi Zielinski and Patty Hawkins

Summer: Patricia Anderson Turner, Eileen Doughty, and Roxane Lessa

Fall: Judy Momenzadeh, Carol Ann Sinnreich, and Lea McComas

Winter Patt Blair, Kate Themel and me.

My winter piece depicts the Charlevoix lighthouse in one of our frequent wind storms.  I had wanted to interpret winter without using snow as an element.  That might seem odd since we usually have long, snowy winters here but I wanted to see if I could convey the feel of the season without that convention.

My dog, Annie, and I often walk along the shore of Lake Michigan and the lake really does take on a different aspect in winter.  I used a combination of my own hand-dyes and commercial batiks for the composition.  The water in the foreground is the last scraps of my favorite-ever piece of hand-dyed fabric.  I dyed it for  On November Winds, one of my Blackbird pieces, and to me it looked as much like the winter lake as a winter sky.  The crashing waves were cut from a not very successful attempt at shibori and I was glad I hung onto that piece.

We haven’t been able to show our pieces until this week when we received our copies of the May/June issue.  I was so excited to see the other artist’s pieces.  They are gorgeous!  The photos of Storm Warnings in the magazine are far better than my snapshot here on the blog.  The stitching lines really show up with professional photography.And the issue, as usual, is full of great articles including one by Kate Themel, Eileen Doughty, Caryl Bryer Fallert and Ellen Ann Eddy.

May/June 2012 Issue

May/June 2012 Issue

Machine Quilting Unlimited is available at Joann Fabrics and Barnes & Noble.   Issue are also available online.



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2 responses to “Storm Warnings

  1. You so succeeded in getting winter without snow! Brrr! Congratulations. You rock.

  2. marginmirror

    Stunning piece, Kathie…evoking for me Gordon Lightfoot and The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald….

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