The Skeleton of a Tree

WIP approx 41 x 28

I’ve added the shape of the skeleton of the tree using some dyed silk organza from my stash of sheers.   Yes, the trunk was really that tall.  We have other trees of the same approximate age (110 years old) and height (over 100 ft.) so I used them as models for the general shape.  I didn’t think I wanted a lot of detail.  And I wanted only one tree rather than the four we lost.

Its been up on the board for the past several days while I contemplate needles.  Part of me like the austerity of the skeleton while another part of me wants to depict the tree in its former glory.

So it wait. Patient. Like a tree.



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3 responses to “The Skeleton of a Tree

  1. marginmirror

    Hmmm…I like the austerity, m’self…Very effective.

  2. I like it! The background now reminds me of calendar pages … sort of documenting the history that the tree witnessed during its long life. Interesting how one change can make so much of an impact.

  3. Peg

    I like the simplicity of the lines. Very very nice. A fitting tribute.

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