Background or Not?

26" x 41"

I started this piece thinking it was going to be a background for memorial for our lost trees.  Earlier this month we were hit with a late winter blizzard that brought down several trees.   The trees that fell across our driveway were mostly our neighbor’s trees and most of them were dead.  The snow melted fairly quickly and when I was cleaning up the branches I looked up and saw that a large white pine that had previously been hit by lightning had not survived the winter. I was sad but not surprised.  I was shocked however when I realized that the lightning strike killed not just this tree but also three of its neighbors.  So we had to have four majestic trees, all over 100 ft. tall and probably 80-100 years old, removed.   Its quite a change to the landscape so I wanted to make a piece showing one or more large evergreens.

But now that I am finished piecing I wonder if its too busy to be a background?   Or too busy for the piece I had in mind?  Is there too little contrast for it to stand on its own?   What do you think?

So while I ponder I will move on to my piece for the SAQA benefit auction and also begin Karen Musgrave’s challenge.   The challenge is on her blog and the fabric she sent is truly challenging.  Should be fun.

Judy's Challenge Fabric



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4 responses to “Background or Not?

  1. I love your background composition. Based on your narrative, have you thought of the concept of “ghost” trees with that background?

  2. I also love the background and wonder about a more abstract composition of trees to provide contrast.

  3. I think with a little bit of hand stitching (simple embroidery) you could add ghost trees, subtle texture…

  4. kathiebriggs

    Thank you Suzan, Clairan & Margaret, yes something ghost-like and abstract is in order. I am thinking of dyed silk organza, maybe fragments suggesting tree. and stitch. I am not good at hand-stitch and the size would dictate heavy fiber but the though is intriguing. This piece may take a while to percolate.

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