Working the Design Wall

I have a commission with nothing but the size and the basic color scheme dictated.  I’ve been wrestling with it for a couple of weeks while also dealing with a rotten spring cold.  I made several components and tried numerous compositions.  At some point I realized I needed to calm it down with a piece of hand-dyed fabric from my friend Desiree Vaughn

It took another week or so of changing, eliminating, cutting and re-sewing then moving parts around and now I think I have a composition I can show to the client:

Untitled 28" x 36"

If this is not quite what he has in mind I may be table to tweak it, or I may just cut it up into some smaller compositions.  I won’t stitch it until the client decides.



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4 responses to “Working the Design Wall

  1. Kathie, I know this is an abstract – do you have a thyme for this project, or are you going with eye appeal? Just curious if your client requested a specific thing. Your work is very interesting:)
    I like this look
    Susan Beryl Ward
    “Imagination What a Wonderful Thing”


    • kathiebriggs

      Thank you, Susan. The piece is for a doctor’s reception room and I have seen the other two artworks that he has on display. He is familiar with my work and though he likes the nature inspired pieces he got excited about the abstract series. The closest thing I had in terms of a guiding idea was the colors of autumn. I’m waiting to hear what he thinks of it.

  2. Such a fun process! Can’t wait to see how it comes out.

    • kathiebriggs

      Thanks, Clairan. This piece has taken quite a while to develop. I thought I knew how it would come together but I am learning that abstract pieces take on a life of their own sometimes. This often happened to me when I made art dolls and it is a fun, if sometimes frustrating, process.

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