TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List…and a Slideshow

I’m very happy to say that I finally got around to creating my profile and product pages on the new TAFA site.  There are about 400 members now and we are still working on our pages but its a really cool site to explore for all kinds of textile and fiber art.  I highly recommend a visit.

One feature I wanted or my profile page is a slideshow of my work.  So I invested a few minutes setting up a Flickr slide show (forgot I had set up an account years and years ago).  Needed some help to get the right code for  the TAFA site yet but when stumbling though techie articles I found code that would imbed it here on my blog.   What fun.  I was a programmer/analyst in one of my previous lives so its always fun to play geek girl once in a while:



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2 responses to “TAFA: The Textile and Fiber Art List…and a Slideshow

  1. Good for you Kathie! I also set up my pages on TAFA, but have no Flikr account and know nothing about that technology. Perhaps it’s time to learn (sigh).

  2. Bravo, Kathie. My friend, arlee barr of Calgary, Alberta, is a TAFA member, and I have wondered for some time if I shouldn’t be as well…but not sure about marketing just yet. Can you advise? Send me an e-mail, okay…? (And yes, I have an ancient Flickr account I could awaken from its slumber…) :-0

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