Squared and Squared Again – A Challenge

The Jordan River Art Council in East Jordan, Michigan has invited local  artists to participate in a challenge that uses the concept of big & little as well as using a square within the work.  The timeline between the invitation and the delivery of the artwork is tight–less than 4 weeks–but it sounds like fun so I’m off and running.

Initially thought about doing something in neutrals.  I have no idea where  that idea came from but I wasn’t all that happy with the blocks:

So they will go into the box to  be used as parts. At least  it was a worthwhile exercise.

Next I tried black & white:

Then black and white with red:

But wasn’t crazy about either of these.  Most of these will get cut up & re-used and that’s OK.

I liked the red fabrics in my box so I started to play with red, which led to playing with purple and then yellow green:

The larger blocks finish to 8″ and the smaller to 4″.   I’m auditioning backgrounds and will probably add some open squares (brown?) to tie the composition together.  Playing with these bright colors is like opening a fresh box of crayons.




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3 responses to “Squared and Squared Again – A Challenge

  1. deb

    I really like the monochromatic squares too, they have depth with windows of light.

  2. What if?… you layered the black and white squares and the beige ones and sliced them up together and combined them?

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