Playtime Continues

Weekend tasks pulled me away for a few days and it was fun to come back to the free-pieced blocks.  More adding, subtracting, slashing and recombining.  Lots of energy here.  And surprise! I think I like the batik background that didn’t make the cut as the background  for an earlier block (before I slashed it):

still too busy

Moving the less busy area to the center seems to be the key. The trick will be cutting the background carefully so I can piece it to look remotely like it does pinned up.  I will lose some of the pattern in the seams.  Still, I want to piece it rather than applique.

In the meantime I will follow more of Rayna’s advice and let it sit on the design wall for a couple of days to make sure I still love it.

And do these look like a series to me?





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One response to “Playtime Continues

  1. They are looking like a series to me!

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