A Little Bit of Play Leads to More

This process (aka play, aka therapy)  is highly addictive.   Delving back into Rayna’s book I decided that I needed to add some black & white fabrics to the mix.  While digging I stumbled upon a  piece of mudcloth I’ve had forever–wow–that’s fun!  Made another strip set and stepped a little further out of my comfort zone with some aqua and brighter colors.   And I like it.

One chapter in Rayna’s book is titled “add, subtract, multiply and divide“.  She says:

The improvisational of cutting, sewing, slicing, recutting, taking apart and putting together pieces of fabric comes down to these three simple term.

The next chapter is “fearless color” where the theme is anything goes.

The block I was not terribly happy with became my guinea pig.  I would play with it until I was happier.

So I got out some more colors, took my rotary cutter to it and now I have six blocks I like a lot better.

Boring block is reborn into 6

Can you even find the old boring flock in these?  I can hardly find it myself.

I feel like I’ve recaptured by love of bright colors that figured so much into the dolls I made a long time ago.  Even though I am disappointed that I will not have a show this spring I now believe that maybe I was meant to take a break from deadlines to play and explore.

Stay tuned to see what I do with the blocks.



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One response to “A Little Bit of Play Leads to More

  1. Ha – addicted! I am staying tuned. VBG:-)

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